Joshua  Cooper

About Me:

I am an aspiring filmmaker and writer originally from the Bay Area with a fervent passion for storytelling. I want to carve out my own place in the world of cinema and deeply impact as many individuals as I can.

Above all else, I want my life to be a story worth telling.

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Phone: (925) 819 - 1431


Instagram: @JoshuaCooperFilm


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Creative Films

A simple and hopefully charming video about just how difficult it can be to text someone special.


Directing, Writing, Editing, and Acting by:

Josh Cooper

Cinematography by:

Ryan Corrall

Josh's Pen

A quick video that showcases the process of crafting your own pen.

Directing, Editing, and Cinematography by:

Josh Cooper

Grand Passion

A short film about a boy, a girl, and a party.

Directing by:

Josh Cooper and Michael Connell

Cinematography by:

Karsten Kaufmann


Writing by:

Michael Connell


Acting by:

Sophie McGuirk and Michael Connell

Editing by:

Michael Connell and Karsten Kaufman

Commercial Videography
Signature Performance
Additional Cliients
The Driving Company
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Kaiser Permanente

In house videography

Not available to the public

Dreamers Athletics

Promotional Marketing Video 

In development


Victoria Napolitano Group LLC

Personal Videography and Photography

Not available to the public

SNL Sketch Submission


Comedy - 2019

The closing shift at a coffee shop attracts a very specific crowd of jerks and freaks. But the employees aren't afraid to fight back.

4 Sketches

Comedy - 2019

4 sketches I wrote for and submitted to Saturday Night Live.

Who Killed Holly?

Feature Screenplay

Drama - 2018

A modern take on the murder mystery. The cast & crew of a movie make cascading mistakes, resulting in the death of a star.

Death and Max's

Short Series Pilot

Comedy - 2018

After overdosing on heroin, a young man is introduced to the world of purgatory. An overall abysmal existence that is surprisingly similar to the world of corporate business.